Action proposals



Action proposals

This session of the Neighborhood Laboratory brought together mainly the members of diverse entities in the neighborhood. The agenda was based on three points: a debate on issues of the neighborhood that were important for them; themes of interest, and possible actions.

Repertoire of ideas and proposals of extraordinary actions made by the neighbors

After various meetings with agents, neighbors and associations, these were the proposals and interests they expressed:

Founding members of La Vaguada School for adults propose a recovery of the actions of the 1980s by their members, a small festival program of actions of the past, to bring them to the present. For instance, they proposed to remake one of their installations from the 1980s entitled Monument to the Unknown Neighbor, as installation for the last group of neighborhood actions.

Places suggested: Auditorium of the Cultural Center / pond.

For December, the wish is to celebrate a meeting of Extraordinary Actions proposed by the neighbors. Different performances will be made in that intervention context.

Action proposals


Action-meeting: Des_ocupación del teatro: (Non-occupation of the Theater) Based on a criticism on the discontent caused by the closing of the theater for such a long time, several neighbors proposed an action that will have several moments of intervention, about the possibility of occupying the theater as a place “that belongs to us”. The following forms were proposed about the interest issue of symbolic re-appropriation, about this sense of belonging and of recovery of what is public. Enrique, a neighbor who plays the bass professionally, suggests an action to symbolically recover the non-occupied theater, making a performance with an actress that will read poems of theatrical texts having to do with the rebelliousness, occupation, and recovery of a space like this one. A poetic-political action where a “high culture” intervention (playing Bach while texts-poems validated by the cultural paradigm are being read) would move from the place where it would take place (the abandoned theater) to be performed at the pond or the Auditorium of La Vaguada Center. In that way there would be an interrelation between both spaces: from the one outside to the one inside that will show the problems in the management of the public patrimony and its impairment.



Dimas proposes himself as “actioner” and suggests an archaeological visit to the abandoned theater to show it as ruin. He would pretend to be an expert archaeologist, inventing possible fictions (like a possible fire in the theater, caused by a popular barricade).



A group of young female neighbors of La Vaguada with Carlota Trujillo as speaker (all bachelors in the History of Art and Photography), propose a workshop of actions with adolescents, mainly to analyze the concept of extraordinary as place of intervention in the neighborhood to revalue situations, places and experiences in the zone of La Vaguada.



Among the proposals of La Flor Association were: To generate a group of activities in the square, occupying the pond, with participation of all those people that develop a creative or intellectual activity, such as the work in the library or music students. Using the space for the celebration of creative activities, staging all that is happening at the same time in the neighborhood. This will fill the space with what is taking place and will be generated as a creative action.


The meetings and presentation of the project to the associations evidenced a very critical situation in the neighborhood.