Action memory “Photographing my neighborhood”



Action memory “Photographing my neighborhood”

The workshop “Photographing My Neighborhood” was carried out on December 15. Although conceived to be developed during several days, for reasons of logistics everything had to be achieved on the same day, shortening the duration, but the entire action was carried out in record time, in a way that was similar to the system used in rapid painting workshops.

The event began with the arrival of the adolescents to the space ceded to us, called “El Enredadero”. In its upper floor it had a space prepared for the conduction of the workshop, with a cannon to project he Power Point that would serve as workshop base to expose the different concepts to the group of participants, together with diverse furniture pieces to make the participants feel comfortable during the exposition.

The first thing that was done was a presentation of all the participants, during which they informed their names and their interests regarding photography. The participants were then informed about the contents of the project. We had young boys and girls between 13 and 16 years of age.

At first it was difficult to attract their attention, but as the workshop developed they became more and more interested in it. After commenting their interests with them and how they saw art, what notions they had about photography, and bearing in mind the examples exhibited during the presentation, we all went out to different zones of the neighborhood to capture images with our mobile phones. We spent an hour making photos with very good and interesting results. Once the time foreseen for this was over, the participants sent us two examples chosen by them of the photos they wanted us to include in the selection for the final exhibition.

Once all the works had been selected and printed, and the structures mounted where the photos would be show, the exhibition was inaugurated at 17:00 hrs that same day. This project was promoted both in the social networks and with posters and flyers. The results were also published in the web.

Summing up, in my opinion it was a great and pretty experience. I have always worked with smaller children; it was the first time that I was facing a public of adolescents. At first it was somewhat difficult to capture their attention, since they were more focused in their mobiles than in the workshop we were conducting, but I gradually succeeded in drawing their attention and in the end we all had a very nice and gratifying time.