Poetic Guerrilla


Writing and Composition


June 21, 22 y 23 of 2018


El enredadero


Gluing posters


June 28, 29 y 30 of 2018


All around La Vaguada park

Coordination and communication

Leonor Martín


Akshid, Adela, Alberto, Carlota, Carmen, Cristina, Dimas, Iris, Javier Juan, Juanjo, Teresa and Teresa


© Paula Valero

© Rubén H. Bermúdez


Poetic Guerrilla


The Poetic Guerrilla was an invitation to “seize La Vaguada” in a poetic manner, using posters made with the neighbors and strategically glued in the park zone.

The proposal was inspired by the well-known vindication of the neighbors’ movement in La Vaguada. We employed the concept of guerrilla as intervention, aimed at using poetry as a weapon, an efficient tool to produce an imagery of the neighbors’ wishes of other forms of living in the place.

In a first workshop on writing we made up the phrases and texts for the posters, and in a second one we distributed them throughout the park of La Vaguada.

For the posters we tackled themes such as the wish of transformation of La Vaguada given its state of abandonment; the coexistence among the neighbors, the diversity of cultures and identities, feminist issues, etc.

In the first neighborhood laboratory session (September, 2018) we presented the resulting fanzine.

Workshop 1 – By Paula Valero

Writing and Composition


We started with an introduction to the well-known popular workshops of graphic creation in different social movements, providing references of other “guerrillas” of activists/artivists with poetic interventions.

In these sessions there was a methodology of writing to compose the poetic texts with techniques such as the cut-up and a kind of collage of poems. Afterwards we selected the most adequate ones according to the places of intervention.

Workshop 2 – By Estelle Jullian

Gluing posters


A thorough mapping of the park enabled the identification of possible places for interventions. This action represented a different involvement with our surroundings, moving to other spaces that had been less visited or were still unknown.

The phrases were arranged from small to large formats. They were cut out and adapted to the places chosen by the neighbors to practice the guerrilla action.

The entire zone was transformed into a wide field of experimentation where common, domestic or dull hosted the unusual and the unexpected.