The Neighborhood on Stage


The Neighborhood on Stage. Dancefloor to Dance your Life.


September 21 of 2018


La Vaguada park pond

A proposal of

Paula Valero and Estelle Jullian

Coordination and communication

Leonor Martín

Guest artists

Chamán Geyserbird and Dj Haves

Photos and video recording

Paula Piñón

Video editing

La Mina films


Junta Municipal de Fuencarral-El Pardo, Centro Comunitario Guatemala, El Enredadero, Dj Haves, Cristina Arpe Muñoz, Jurado infantil (Carol, Sara, Natalia and Julia), Helena Herranz, Chak and Suraia Abud.


The Neighborhood on Stage


Program with many added vitamins for a calling of the neighborhood,where to transform the pond into an extraordinary zone to celebrate our lives and in common.

As part of the program for the pond at La Vaguada, a number of participations celebrated in different ways this new zone that was being inaugurated: different tours of children’s artistic skating with prizes for all the participants; a general birthday where we all blew out the candles in unison and made our wishes. The cleaning of the pond was followed by the inauguration of the plaque of Extra←ordinary Zone, and the day closed with a dance. Dj Haves and the Poeta Soundsystem were invited; together with the A-Zulú and comrades of Imagine Madrid, from the project Haciendo Plaza, they contributed the music for the dancing rink. We agreed with them on an exchange of actions for mutual support.


17:30 — Wheel tunning

Moment to customize the skates with lights and objects, prior to the skating parade.

18:30 — On wheels.Calling for children

Children’s artistic skating race to face the obstacles together.
The “artistic” skating consisted of dancing while making absurd, unusual, amusing, strange or unrecognizable gestures. The rink with obstacles changed the form of displacement and produced other types of “artistic skating”.

19:00 — Reception of prizes to the best artistic skating

With the decision of awarding a general prize for all.

19:30 — General birthday

We invited whoever wanted to celebrate his/her birthday, to ask for wishes when blowing all the candles at once.

21:00 — Cleansing Ritual for the forsaken La Vaguada

Invoking joyful passions. We invited the ecoqueer Geyserbird shaman to perform a cleansing ritual with the neighbors for the collective feeling of abandonment of the park.
The ritual invited the attendees to fill the void. By convoking the presence of the water that was once there, we bid it farewell as the scarce gift, and then celebrated the creativeness, diversity and affection present in the place by recalling and activating the past of a zone that was culturally quite active through the presence of the theater and the library.