Desire paths

Action 9

Desire paths


December 15 of 2018


La Vaguada park

A proposal of

Estelle Jullian

Coordination and communication

Leonor Martín

Photographs, recording and video editing

La Mina Films

Special collaboration

Grupo de entrenamiento actoral y de la palabra cantada del Teatro de la Abadia

Claudia Coelho, Xana del Mar López, Aida Villar, Rachel Mastín, Esperanza García, Luna del Egido, José Juan Sevilla, Pablo Rodríguez, Raquel Alarcón.


Desire paths

This action was a tribute to the neighbors’ struggle in the 1970s in the neighborhood of El Pilar, when they obtained the change of the urban plan in favor of the present park La Vaguada. 

With that purpose, accompanied by the Vocal Group from the Abadia Theater, we toured the park singing the songs that accompanied this struggle, armed with front lights and our voices to narrate a history, a fragment of the history of El Pilar neighborhood. Those songs were taken from the song book shared with us by Teresa and Miguel, who have lived in that neighborhood since then.


The title of the action was inspired by a relatively recent concept used in urban planning, which refers to the traces left by people when walking that become visible in parks or places of the city where the pre-established path is not the most practical one. 

Here the “desire paths” acquire a symbolic value to show the possibility of construction of a new social reality through the transforming power of desire. Also to point out that disobedience sometimes is necessary to open new doors.